16, Jun 2020 . 4 min read

What is Wildlife and why do we love what we do?

What is Wildlife and why do we love what we do?

by Wildlife's Brand & Content Team

4 min read

So you wanna join the Wildlife universe? Learn more about our history and how we want to mark generations with our games.


Wildlife is one of the top ten mobile game developers in the world in the number of downloads. We have reached the mark of 2 billion downloads in 115 countries, with a diverse portfolio and more than 70 games released. We work to bring fun and joy to people's lives – more than 100 million people play our products. That's why we're passionate about what we do, driven by the desire to innovate and quickly turn good ideas into amazing games.

How did we come about?

It all started in 2011, in the home of Victor and Arthur Lazarte's parents, in São Paulo, the capital of the state. With a dream of conquering the mobile gaming market and with an initial investment of only $100, the brothers left promising jobs to risk it all and start a business of their own. At the time, we were called TFG (Top Free Games), which illustrated our purpose well: to launch the best free games. Our first game was Racing Penguin, which was fun for millions of people worldwide (with 100,000 downloads a day!) and gave us the reassurance that we were on the right track. In 2012, just one year after the company's foundation, we launched our first great success: the award-winning Bike Race, which came to be the most downloaded game in the United States in just one year. Just like us, the mobile gaming market was just getting started. We were growing together! 😜

How did we grow through the years?

In the beginning, we lived through the challenge of becoming a company, learning and starting this trajectory of creating iconic games that transform the lives of so many people. Then, new challenges came up which required strategic vision, business vision, and collaboration. They were indispensable elements for us to grow. We then joined Michael Mac-Vicar, now CTO and co-founder of the company, who brought the ideal knowledge and training to make the company grow. He began, alongside Victor and Arthur, to work in the development of operations. Over time, Wildlife began to expand and we launched games with better graphics, a greater variety of genres and more interaction, such as Sniper 3D, War Machines and Colorfy. Almost a decade later, Wildlife became one of the largest mobile gaming companies in the world! In 2019, after a round of investments led by Benchmark Capital Group, we were valued at $1.3 billion! That's how we became a unicorn – the tenth in Brazil and the only one ever to have a global presence. It was also the year we released our newest hits: Zooba and Tennis Clash, number 1 in downloads in more than 100 countries.

Where are we now?

Today, we are global and one of the main players in the mobile market. Our 600 employees work in different parts of the world and we plan to continue expanding – we want to reach 1,000 Wilders by the end of 2020! In addition to our headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil, we have offices in Argentina (Buenos Aires), The United States (San Francisco, Palo Alto and Orange County) and Ireland (Dublin). But our games go far beyond those borders. In 2019, we reached the benchmark of 2 billion downloads in 125 countries!

Why did we change our name?

In the beginning of our journey, the name TFG (Top Free Games) was important and helped us gain downloads and grow a lot. But we quickly reached a new stage where we needed a brand that would better show our acquired values and how our products are made today. In 2019, we dove into our culture to decide which name could represent our spirit as a company and as a community. It's not an easy task to rebrand yourself, but we understood that bracing a new identity – one that could translate our way of life and the impact we have on people – would be essential to our future. That's when we started calling ourselves Wildlife. After all, we are a company made up of amazing and talented people. We are curious, nimble, fast and have a passion for what we produce: we are Wilders! 😉